Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fix for Messenger webcam problem

Fix for Messenger webcam problems

A workaround has been released for installing your webcam with Windows Live Messenger.
Windows Live Messenger
The following message was recently circulated by the Windows Live team in response to an issue that some users were experiencing. Follow the advice below to clear up any issues caused by installing the new version of Messenger.
“We’ve heard that a small number of you are experiencing audio and video problems with your webcam after installing the latest version of Windows Live Messenger. After looking into this, we found that for users who are seeing error code 0x8AC70013 or 0x8AC70202, this may be caused by an incompatibility with McAfee Site Advisor.
McAfee is working on a patch to fix this, but until it becomes available, if you’re having audio or video problems with the new version of Messenger and are running McAfee, McAfee has posted a workaround on its website."

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